The weekly calendars are posted by the end of the day each Thursday.  The Appeals Officer's are for the following four weeks while the Hearing Officer's for the next two weeks (including an updated copy for the first week).

Please note that the calendars on this webpage are static and are not updated other than the Friday postings. Inquires of any case should be directed to the appropriate judge's assistant. Our assignments of assistants can be found on our Contacts page.  

Questions regarding the posting of these calendars should be address to Paul Trepanier.  

Any comments, concerns or questions or suggestions regarding the posting of these calendars are welcome.

    Hearing Officer Calendars

    Las Vegas  Carson City
    March 18 ~ March 22   March 18 ~ March 22 
    March 25 ~ March 29 March 25 ~ March 29
    April 01 ~ April 05 April 01 ~ April 05

    Appeals Officer Calendars

    Las Vegas      Carson City
      March 18 ~ March 22     March 18 ~ March 22  
    March 25 ~ March 29     March 25 ~ March 29   
     April 1 ~ April 5    April 1 ~ April 5  
    April 8 ~ April 12 April 8 ~ April 12
    April 15 ~ April 19 April 15 ~ April 19
    Calendars were submitted for the next posting on 03/21/2019 at 4:30pm.  
    If you would like to be notified via email when there are issues withe the calendars on this web page please send an email to Paul Trepanier in order to be added to the list.  

      Please note that the Hearings Division maintains an unavailability schedule of attorneys, TPAs, representatives, etc that the Hearings & Appeals staff can use when scheduling cases to avoid calendar conflicts. You may send your requests via email to Violet Martinez or by letter with your name and the date(s) you will be unavailable. The Hearings and Appeals offices are closed on all State Holidays.