Statutes, Regulations and Rules

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Section 616A through 616D, and 617, govern Workers Compensation issues in Nevada. NRS 616C.295 through NRS 616C.392 govern the proceedings of the Hearings Division.

    The provisions of NRS 616C.295 through NRS 616C.392 can be viewed by clicking here.

      The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) contains the Regulations concerning the Workers Compensation Statutes. The Regulations help define, explain and enact the various provisions of the Statutes.

        NAC 616A through 616D, and NAC 617 are the regulations concerning the respective chapters of the NRS.

          The provisions of NAC 616C.260 through NAC 616C.336 are adopted by the Hearings Division and can be viewed here.

            The adopted revision of the regulations are available here.

              The Rules of Practice before the Hearings Division available here: