Appeals Officer Hearings

Appeals Officers conduct appeals of Hearing Officer decisions, as well as direct appeals in a wide variety of administrative law matters. In addition to hearing appeals from Hearing Officer decisions, the Appeals Officers hear State Purchasing bid disputes, Medicaid appeals, Department of Business and Industry, Division of Industrial Insurance Regulation appeals, and Financial Institution hearings, Purchasing Division bid award appeals, Department of Education teacher certification appeals, and other administrative law matters.

    A person who disagrees with a Hearing Officer decision has 30 days to appeal the Hearing Officer decision to the Appeals Officer.

      Appeals Officer hearings are “on the record” and are digitally recorded for purposes of providing transcripts of the proceeding in case of further appeals.

        Appeals Officers will review the Hearing Officer decision, but they will conduct an entirely separate hearing, and the parties must separately submit the evidence they want the Appeals Officer to consider. The Appeals Officer does not consider the evidence submitted to the Hearing Officer unless it is submitted again, or unless a written request is made to admit the evidence previously submitted to the Hearing Officer.

          The Appeals Officer can Affirm, Reverse, or Remand the Hearing Officer Decision or enter other orders allowed by law.