Hearing Officer's Authority and Jurisdiction

A Hearing Officer’s authority and jurisdiction is to conduct initial administrative hearings for review of final determinations made by an insurer in contested claims for compensation, or written decisions of the compensation officers in Victims of Crime appeals.

    The Hearings Officer level is the first level of hearing and is an informal process. The parties are encouraged to attend the hearing in person, but they may participate by telephone conference call (at their expense if long distance) or a party may submit their appeal position in writing.

      All initial contested workers’ compensation claims and VOCP appeals are heard and decided at the Hearings Division by a Hearings Officer. If a party does not appear or submit a position statement their appeal will be dismissed.

        Hearings Officers hear matters relating to workers compensation claim denials and appeals for victims of crime claim denials.

          Additionally Appeals Officers will hear matters relating to appeals from Hearing Officer decisions, state purchasing bid disputes, medicaid appeals, Department of Business and Industry, Division of Industrial Insurance regulation appeals and Financial Institution hearings, Purchasing Division bid award appeals, Department of Education Teacher Certification appeals, and other administrative law matters.