Hearings Before The Hearing Officer

Your hearing is only to address issues you appealed as a result of the insurer’s written determination, or failure to respond to a written request.

    It helps to be present at the hearing, but you can appear by telephone if necessary, or you may submit a written position statement and not appear at the hearing in person. If you wish to be present by telephone, you must notify the Hearings Division at least (1) week prior to the hearing date.

      To help avoid unnecessary delays, hearing attendees should provide copies of any documents presented to the Hearing Officer, to the other side.

        It is the appealing parties responsibility to prove their case. Know your issues and the documentation necessary to prove them.

          The Hearing Officers are trained in mediation and will attempt to resolve the issue. The Hearing Officer is required to conduct a fair and impartial hearing, so it helps to follow their directions and allow them to control and direct the hearing.

            At the appropriate time, when directed by the Hearing Officer, present your evidence and state your case as calmly and briefly as you can.

              If the injured worker, employer or insurer, or the VOCP applicant disagrees with the hearing officer decision, they may appeal to the Appeals Officer.