Appeals Officer Process

If the injured worker, employer or insurer, or the VOCP applicant disagrees with the Hearings Officer decision, they may appeal the decision to the Appeals Officer.

    To appeal the Hearing Officer decision they should complete a “Notice of Appeal and Request for Hearing Before the Appeals Officer” form and file it with the Hearings Division within (30) days for injured worker, or 15 days for a VOCP applicant. If this form is not provided with the decision it can be downloaded here.

      If the injured worker does not have legal representation they can request the appointment of the Nevada Attorney for Injured Worker’s (NAIW). The form includes a box to be checked and a place to sign to indicate they are requesting this service. Click here for more information on Nevada Attorney for Injured Worker’s (NAIW).

        Appeals files are maintained separately from Hearing Officers files. All evidence submitted for an appeal hearing must be filed separate and apart from the Hearing Officer proceeding.

          A party who disagrees with an Appeals Officer Decision may appeal that decision.

            Workers compensation matters are appealable to the District Court. Victims of Crime Program applicants can appeal to the Director of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.